Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In The Slam Fee?
Entering a Junior Slam is a good investment. Your team will get 6 -14 hours* of curling competition and premium opportunities for athlete development. Your team is also entitled to:

  • Hotel and accommodation discounts

  • Free learning ROCKTalks

  • Free set of crew neck t-shirts when ordering team apparel through Last Rock Curling Co

  • Free livestreaming of Curl Coach charted games at the Slams

  • 10 per cent off all products from Last Rock Curling Co

  • 10 per cent off Biosteel from

  • Ocassionally, athlete bonuses like tickets to high performance adult curling competitions or catered food service**

Are Slam Fees The Same As Other Youth Bonspiels?
Junior Slam Series’ fees are in line with what is charged by other competitions at this level. Slam fees vary. Our U15 Slam fees are charged by the individual rather than a full team fee, allowing single entries. Most of our U18 and U21 Slams charge a team entry fee of $495 + HST. We provide a central registration website, live scoring, value-added learning ROCKTalks, deep fields of teams and promotional social media exposure for teams and their sponsors. The cost per player for one Slam is about $140 for a four-person team. A few one-off non Slam events have lower entry fees because host clubs donate or subsidize ice costs. Slam fees cover ice rental at host clubs. Slam fees also cover an allocated prize purse.

What Is The Prize Purse?
Typically, a Slam featuring 24-32 teams awards prize money to the top six or top eight finishers. Usually prize money is awarded to the top 4 women’s teams and top 4 men’s teams (winner, 2nd finisher, consolation winner and consolation runner up). Prize purse is allocated on a sliding scale from first place (+/- $1000) to Consolation Runners up (+/- $250). Amounts vary by Slam and depend on the number of teams entered in the event. We do not generally disclose the prize purse in event descriptions or event kits.

Why Doesn’t The Junior Slam Series Announce Prize Purse?
The emphasis at the Slams is on playing to improve rather than playing to win prize money. The Junior Slam Series is athlete-centric. Our goal is to grow the game and prepare every junior curler for the future. We strive to add value for ALL athletes and coaches, to make the Junior Slams a learning and training opportunity for those who win AND those who don’t. Prize money is provided as a nice bonus for teams that have a good weekend.

Is There An Awards Ceremony After A Slam?
At the Slams, we’ve modernized the post-event follow up. Rather than present an over-sized cheque or trophy to a diminished crowd of spectators at the venue, we feature our top finishers to a wide audience on social media. Our winners, 2nd finishers, consolation winners and consolation runners up are photographed in front of our Junior Slam Series backdrop. We then celebrate their achievements online with instant announcements on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Our top women’s and men’s finishers photos are added to the rotator on our website.


When Can We Expect to Receive Our Team’s Prize Money?
Junior Slam Series pays out prize purse by electronic transfer. Due to high volume of pay outs following a Slam and with Slams held on back to back weekends, our banking system can take several days or even weeks to process all transfers to teams. We are working to improve this.


*based on a three-day Slam

**selected Slams offer bonuses like tickets to the Continental Cup, or catered food service, where ROCKTalks are NOT held